Man In Need Of A Loyal Friend Adopts Shelter Kitten So They Can Both Evacuate From Hurricane Irma Together

Animals by Paige Cerulli on 09/11/2017

As Hurricane Irma was quickly descending upon Florida, a man from Miami headed to a local animal shelter. There, he adopted a kitten, so the two of them could evacuate together.

He noted that if he had to evacuate, he might as well do it with a friend.

Source: Reddit

The man posted on reddit about how he and his coworker headed to the Humane Society in Miami. There, he found a little kitten named Ryder who had been living at the shelter for about two months.

When the man walked over to Ryder’s cage, he decided that she was so cute that he had to adopt her. So, he did.

He picked Ryder up the next day after work, and vowed that he would keep her safe. Together, they started driving north.

Source: Reddit

The trip up to Sarasota, where they spent the night, took three hours and 30 minutes. Ryder slept for the first three hours, but then she woke up and sat in the man’s lap for the rest of the drive.

Source: Reddit

But then Hurricane Irma shifted her path, traveling toward Tampa. So, the man and the kitten changed their plans, too, leaving town and heading north again.

Even with all of the driving, the kitten was quite content to hang out in the car.

Source: Reddit

Ryder handled the trip like a champ. She’s now litter box trained, eats and drinks well, stays calm in the car, and absolutely loves her toys. She’s traveled over 700 miles, despite just being a few months old.

Source: Reddit

Currently, the man and Ryder are safe in North Carolina. Ryder loves to cuddle, and the two are staying in a hotel until they’re able to return to Miami. The man notes he looks forward to buying Ryder all sorts of fun things. Sounds like she’ll be one spoiled kitty!

Source: Reddit

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