Brave Mom Delivers Her Own Baby In The Middle Of Hurricane Irma, Gives Her The Perfect Name

Life by Paige Cerulli on 09/11/2017

A mother will never forget the moment that she gives birth to a child, but for one mother, her child’s birth was a little more memorable than normal. In the middle of Hurricane Irma, one mother delivered her own child while on the phone with paramedics who helped to guide her through the process.

Because Hurricane Irma brought such strong winds and such devastation, it was impossible for emergency personnel to get to everyone who needed help. One woman in Little Haiti went into labor, but emergency crews couldn’t reach her in time. So, she gave birth at home.

Miami emergency services provided the woman with guidance and advice as she gave birth to a baby girl. The mother also delivered the placenta and was told how to tie it off.

Thanks to the help of a doctor, a dispatcher, and paramedics, the woman received the instructions she needed to stabilize herself and her baby, including cutting the umbilical cord.

As soon as the roads were clear enough for an ambulance to reach the mother and baby, they were rushed to the hospital.

The baby’s name? Well, it’s perfect – Nayiri Storm. The circumstances may not have been ideal, but thanks to attentive emergency personnel and one brave mother, things worked out just fine.

(H/T Scary Mommy)

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