Dad Who Takes His ‘Wild’ 3-Year-Old Daughter Out On A Leash, Takes To Social Media To Justify His Actions

Parenting by Paige Cerulli on 01/10/2018

Clint Edwards, a father of three, enjoys writing about his experiences as a parent on his blog, No Idea What I’m Doing. Edwards, 34, explains that his own father wasn’t in the picture when Edwards was a child. That’s left Edwards without anyone to look at as an example, so he’s been documenting his experiences as he figures out parenting through trial and error.

Me: It's Mother's Day. That means you have to be extra sweet.Toddler: Hold my milk! * dislocates elbow*has to be taken to doctor

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Edwards openly states on his blog that he’s “making it up” as he goes, and it looks like that method has been successful so far.

But one of Edwards’ parenting practices has come under fire. Edwards and his wife have been using a leash on their three-year-old daughter when they’re in crowded spaces.

We were at the farmers market. No shame. I put this kid on a leash.She's a wild child, and this thing has already kept…

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Edwards refers to his three-year-old, Aspen, as his “wild child,” so she wears a backpack with a leash attached to ensure she stays close to her parents at all times. Since Aspen has a habit of bolting away whenever she spots something interesting, the couple saw this as an option to help keep the girl safe.

Additionally, Aspen has Nursemaid’s Elbow, a condition where a toddler’s elbow can easily become dislocated. It makes it much riskier for Aspen’s parents to hold her by the hand or arm, since if she tries to escape, her elbow could become dislocated. In fact, that exact situation has happened twice already.

Working out that urge to climb.

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During a family trip to Disney World last February, the couple tried out the backpack-leash. After receiving negative comments and criticism from online users, Edwards felt that he needed to post a response and explanation of the couple’s reasoning for using the leash.

This is Aspen trying to give a stone lizard at the zoo some of her juice. Ok… ok… I know. This is probably the…

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Edwards explained that he’s keeping his child safe while also keeping his own peace of mind. He and his wife don’t plan to use the leash long-term; it’s a tool while Aspen develops her verbal skills. The couple are hopeful that soon Aspen will be able to better respond to verbal instructions, and the leash will become unnecessary.

The sun was out yesterday in Oregon, so I took Aspen to the park. It was just the two of us. In march, this doesn't…

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Edwards encourages others to be more accepting of the leash – which he calls a safety string – and to even explore using it, themselves. He reminds parents that he knows his own child well enough to realize that she needs this in order to stay safe.

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