Firefighter Rescues Puppy From Shed Fire, Nurses Him Back To Health And Finds New Best Friend In The Process

Animals by Paige Cerulli on 12/07/2017

Firefighters are courageous, selfless, and dedicated to saving lives. They risk their lives every day to make sure that others are safe, making them heroes. But sometimes, the fire victims that firefighters save aren’t humans. In some cases, firefighters come to the rescue of pets and animals, too.

Bill Lindler of Hanahan, South Carolina rescued Jake, a 3-week-old puppy, from a burning shed. Though Lindler saved his life, Jake had a tough challenge ahead of him. Between 50 and 75 percent of his body was covered in burns, meaning that Jake’s recovery would be a long and painful one.

Source: Bill Lindler

Knowing that Jake would need plenty of love to see him through his recovery, Lindler decided to adopt the young puppy.

Source: Bill Lindler

The two hit it off immediately and now share a tight bond. Lindler can’t be out of Jake’s sight for too long before Jake starts barking for his friend.

After Jake’s treatments were finished, Lindler brought Jake to the fire department with him.

Source: Bill Lindler

Jake’s character immediately emerged, and the firefighters all welcomed the puppy. Jake loves people, and immediately greets anyone who walks into the house. He quickly earned himself a place in the hearts of each and every firefighter.

But Jake did more than just win over everyone’s hearts. Knowing his story and what he’s been through, people see Jake as an inspiration. Additionally, he’s great for the firefighters’ morale.

Jake’s recovery took many weeks, but Lindler stayed by him the entire time.

Source: Bill Lindler

Once Jake was better, Lindler brought the dog with him during his shifts at the fire station. Jake immediately fit right in.

Source: Bill Lindler

Seeing what an inspiration Jake has been to others, the Fire Chief, Mayor, and Town Administrator declared Jake an honorary firefighter. The dog now serves as the official mascot of the fire department.

Source: Bill Lindler

Though Jake faced a tough recovery, he remained loving and friendly, despite all that he’s been through. Now, he encourages all of the firefighters, offering them comfort, companionship, and inspiration.

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