Grumpy Cat Hilariously Inserts Himself Into A Nativity Scene, Unknowingly Spreads Holiday Cheer

Animals by Paige Cerulli on 12/07/2017

One particularly grumpy cat recently found the perfect place to settle down – the middle of a nativity scene. And while this unhappy kitty probably had no intention of contributing to holiday cheer, his unique seating choice ended up doing exactly that.

Source: Brooke Goldman

Last Sunday photographer Brooke Goldman was hurrying home after having walked her boyfriend to the train station. It was cold and early, and Goldman was moving as quickly as possible, looking forward to the opportunity to catch a few more hours of sleep.

But then, Goldman happened upon this unusual scene.

Source: Brooke Goldman

This grumpy cat had made himself right in the middle of the nativity scene. He clearly wasn’t concerned about offending anyone with his sleeping spot. In fact, he even seemed to bask (grumpily) in the attention that the Mary and Joseph figurines were paying to him.

Goldman cracked up at the sight.

Source: Brooke Goldman

Her day turned around and her mood was lifted by the sight of this cat. Plus, Goldman took a few pictures so this grumpy cat could brighten all of our days, too!

It is the season for joy, after all. Happy holidays!

More info: Brooke Goldman Photo

(H/T The Dodo)

What do you think of this cat’s unusual sleeping spot?

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