Guy’s Genius Idea Drives Bids For His Girlfriend’s 1996 Honda Accord On Ebay To Over $150,000

Creative by Paige Cerulli on 11/13/2017

Most 21-year-old cars don’t bring in a whole lot of value when you put them up for sale. In fact, finding a buyer for an older car can be difficult even when you’re asking a low price. That’s why Max Lanman, a writer, and director from Los Angeles, decided to put his creative skills to work when his girlfriend needed to sell her 1996 Honda Accord. It turns out that being creative does pay off, as the car’s eBay auction received absolutely stunning bids as a result.

Lanman created a marketing video for the car, deemed “Greenie.” The video garnered so much attention that after being up for auction for 5 days, the eBay bids were up to $150,000. Unfortunately, eBay closed the auction due to “unusual bidding activity.” Apparently, ebay’s fraud department wasn’t aware of the video and the attention the auction had been receiving as a result. Ebay stated that it was unable to restore the auction once it had been canceled, so Lanman had to relist the car.

Though relisting was certainly a disappointment, Lanman stated that he is still grateful for all of the attention that the commercial and the car’s story have received so far.

Grennie has 141,095 miles and a Kelley Blue Book value of $1,500. Still, people love a good story, and Lanman’s video is marketing gold. We wish him the best with the new auction.

Greenie is a 1996 Honda Accord with 141,095 miles on it.

Source: Ebay

Carrie Hollenbeck, who had owned the car for 14 years, decided it was finally time to part ways.

Source: Max Lanman

Her fiance Max Lanman created an incredible video to market the car, and it quickly went viral.

The commercial garnered so much attention that the car’s Ebay auction reached $150,000. However, Ebay canceled the auction, thinking it was fraudulent.

Source: Ebay

Because Ebay couldn’t restart the canceled auction, Lanman had to relist the car.

Source: YouTube

His creativity in marketing the car earned him major props from internet users.

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Would you consider bidding on Greenie thanks to Lanman’s commercial?

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