Library-Loving Cat Loses His Privileges And Gets Banned From His Favorite Place

Animals by Paige Cerulli on 12/06/2017

Meet Max the cat. Max is super friendly and loves to wander around and introduce himself to new friends. He quickly wins over just about anyone that he meets. And because of his natural instinct to explore, Max found his way to his favorite place in the world.

Having fun at the German House

Posted by Max the Cat on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Connie Lipton, her husband, and Max all live across the street from Macalaster College in Minnesota. The Liptons adopted Max from a shelter last year and decided to let him outdoors to explore during the day.

Max was drawn to the college campus because there were always plenty of people around. He would head to the campus each day and spend hours socializing with the students. Max would head out for a few hours, return home, then want to go back to the campus again soon after.

Luckily, the students loved having Max visit as much as he enjoyed heading over to the campus. Many of the students had to leave their own pets behind when they went to college, so they gladly welcomed Max in.

Max loved all of the attention that he received when the students were moving about between classes, but soon he decided that wasn’t enough attention. Max started to follow students into the campus buildings and even interrupted classes in hopes that students would pet him.

Oops Max was caught on camera as he sneaked into the library about a month ago

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He also ventured into the student dorms, often interrupting study sessions.

Need hugs!

Posted by Max the Cat on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Most students were glad to have Max around, but it was decided that Max’s visits needed to be ended for his own safety. Max particularly enjoyed visiting the college library, but the staff was worried that the cat might be caught inside the building during the long winter break. Additionally, a new construction project could also jeopardize Max’s safety.

So, someone created this sign and posted it on the library door.

As news about Max’s banning from campus buildings spread, many people felt sympathetic for the cat. Some even created fan art.

Max just got a library card from Sevinth on twitter @sevinthstreams Max says thank you very much…he's looking forward to using it😻

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Haha! Found on twitter

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Max’s family has since made him an indoor cat. Not surprisingly, that’s been a bit of an adjustment for this social kitty.

Lipton admitted that Max isn’t happy with the new arrangement. He cries, asking to go out, and paces around the house. His family is trying to clicker train him in order to give him some new jobs and something to focus on. They’re also hoping to train him to walk on a leash.

Once leash trained, Max may be able to go visit the campus again, just with adult supervision.

Max getting ready to train to walk…I think he's ready 😻

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Lipton plans to take him to the campus for visits so he can socialize with the students again. She also hopes to train him as a therapy cat, so he can spend time with groups of young adults.

With Max’s personality, something tells us he’d make a great therapy cat.

Max at the vet waiting #catsofinstagram #cats #cats_of_instagram #catsagram #ilovemycat

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How social is your cat?

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