Miracle Preemie Baby Girl Is Born Weighing Just 13 Ounces, And Survives Despite The Odds!

Parenting by Julia Lynn Rubin on 01/10/2018

On August 12, at just 26 weeks pregnant, Jaksiri Ruiz-Toledo of Miami, Florida gave birth to her premature baby girl at the Baptist Children’s Hospital. “This baby was under-grown due to a lot of complications that mom was having with her pregnancy,” Baptist Children’s Hospital Chief of Pediatrics Dr. Andrew Kairalla told WSVN. His colleague, Dr. Ernesto Valdes, was also very concerned.

“When I’ve been faced with situations like this, I’m a little concerned that can I turn this baby around depending on how the conditions are at the time of the delivery,” he said. But Jaksiri successfully delivered her daughter, Lailie, who weighed just 13 ounces.

Posted by ContactoVision Noticias on Friday, December 29, 2017

“She was so small, I hoped but I really didn’t know if she was gonna make it through the first day,” Jaksiri’s husband, Marcos, told CBS Miami. While babies born this prematurely often survive, their weight is a major factor. Few weighing under 14 ounces ever make it.

“From the history I was getting from prior ultrasounds I knew she was coming small,” Jaksiri told WTVJ. “I was concerned, but at the same time I didn’t lose hope. I knew God was there for us.”

Posted by ContactoVision Noticias on Friday, December 29, 2017

After spending four months at the hospital, Lailie was finally ready to go home.

“This is going to be the best new year that we’re going to have,” Jaksiri said. “It’s going to be great and unique because it’s going to be her first New Year.”

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