Newborn Baby Who Survived Hurricane Harvey Has Special Photo Shoot On The Boat That Saved Her

Photography by Paige Cerulli on 09/11/2017

Aptly named baby Hope is one of the youngest Hurricane Harvey survivors, but her story brings inspiration and hope to everything in the wake of the storm.

Source: Noelle Mills Photography

Hope Chimeno was only 10 days old when Hurricane Harvey struck and her family was forced to evacuate. Floodwaters ravaged their Orange, Texas neighborhood, and the entire family climbed onto a rescue boat and were taken to safety. Cris and Clint Sanford, brothers who serve in the Cajun Navy, were the ones to rescue the family, taking them to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

When the family was safe, Cris’ wife, Katy, asked the Chimenos if they had taken newborn photos of Hope yet. While a photo shoot might be low in the priorities during an evacuation, Katy made sure to connect the Chimenos with Noelle Mills, her friend who is a photographer.

When Katy asked Noelle if she would take photos of the family, Noelle explained it was a no-brainer. Noelle noted that she doesn’t have a lot of money to be able to donate, but she could give this family something special through her photography.

Source: Noelle Mills Photography

On Labor Day, they all gathered for the special shoot. Katy had arranged to have the rescue boat and life vests on hand, and it made for a truly unique session.

While Noelle says that newborn shoots can be tiring and it’s a challenge to keep the babies still, Hope behaved wonderfully.

Source: Noelle Mills Photography

The photos have since spread quickly, which doesn’t surprise Noelle. Hope’s story brings a bit of, well, hope in the midst of tragedy, and it’s something that everyone needs a bit of right now.

The Chimeno family credits their survival to “the Hope effect.” Despite being surrounded by devastation, Hope keeps their spirits up and keeps them looking toward the future.

More info: Noelle Mills Photography

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