Police Show Up At Wrong House, Spot An Unusual Christmas Tree With Names Written On Every Ornament

Life by Paige Cerulli on 12/07/2017

Two police officers from Ohio accidentally ended up at the wrong house, but a heartwarming discovery has us wondering if maybe they ended up in the right place, after all.

The officers realized that they were at the wrong address, but then they spotted a beautiful Christmas tree that the homeowner had put up. Stepping closer, the officers discovered the homeowner had written down every police officer and K9 killed in the line of duty this year on ornaments. She decorated the tree with those ornaments, calling it the “Tree of Honor.” In fact, she’d just finished decorating it the night before the officers came to her door.

Source: Facebook

One of the officers, who prefers to remain anonymous, posted a photo of the amazing tree on Facebook. It’s since been shared more than 600 times and has received over 2,000 likes. The tree is adorned with silver and blue ornaments, each one sporting an officer’s name. Readers were amazed by this touching tribute, and many praised the homeowner for honoring our fallen officers.

Multiple people noted that the tree was beautiful, but that they hope the woman doesn’t have to add any more ornaments to it.

Source: Facebook

Other people shared messages of praising officers for their dedication and praying for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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The Capitol hosts a national Peace Officers’ Memorial, which focuses on honoring and remembering the fallen. The event pays tribute to the friends and families of victims, as well as to the survivors.

The woman who decorated the tree didn’t know any of the fallen officers personally but found her own special way to honor them as well as the K9 officers, too.

Source: Facebook

It seems as if the Ohio police officers were meant to see that tree, even if a mistaken address was what originally brought them to the woman’s door.

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How would you have reacted to the tree if you were the police officers?

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