Richard Branson Shares Aftermath Photos Of Hurricane Irma, Pleads To Do Everything He Can To Support Disaster Victims

Life by Paige Cerulli on 09/12/2017

Billionaire Richard Branson opted to weather Hurricane Irma on his private island, Necker Island. Branson remained on the island with his staff, as he has done for every hurricane that has occurred since he bought the island.

However, Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricane to hit the island yet.

Branson welcomed his staff into the great house, having a massive sleepover and retreating to the wine cellar when the winds got strong. While Branson and his staff safely made it through the storm, he has since posted photos of the total devastation that it caused.

While the staff and Branson made it through the storm safely in the storm cellar, anything above land didn’t fare so well.

Source: Virgin Limited

Branson’s company, Virgin, posted that he had made it through the storm. However, the land surrounding the estate was another story. Virgin noted that they will begin helping families affected as soon as possible.

Branson also spoke out, but he didn’t focus on Necker Island, which he owns privately. Instead, he drew attention to the islands where thousands of people live. Those islands have been all but destroyed, and the people need help.

Knowing that the world needed to see the damage, Branson, his team, and volunteers headed out to document the damage on islands such as Virgin Gorda, Moskito, and Puerto Rico. Branson used a satellite phone to send out updates.

He noted that while there is a huge amount of damage to buildings, the people that the team has encountered so far have been okay.

Amidst total chaos, Branson’s team did whatever they could for the hurricane victims.

Rebuilding the British Virgin Islands will likely take years. However, Branson stated that he will be on hand to help. He explained that he and his son, Sam, along with the team will help distribute supplies to the islands. They will work in conjunction with local authorities to give the people on the ground the support that they need during this difficult time.

Virgin Atlantic has also arranged special relief flights to distribute additional supplies such as building materials and bottled water. Those flights will take place during the coming week.

He wrote:

My son Sam, the team and I will be back in the BVI, helping with supplies distribution in conjunction with the local authorities to support people on the ground. We will be handing out canned foods, water, medical supplies, sanitary supplies and other essentials to the surrounding islands. We have people on the ground in Virgin Gorda, where we are focusing lots of our efforts.

Meanwhile, Virgin Atlantic have arranged special relief flights both independently and in conjunction with the UK Department for International Development, to the British Virgin Islands and Antigua – with plans to distribute further aid, building materials, blankets and bottled water over the following week.

There is lots of work to be done. Branson wrote that it’s often a challenge to make sure that the support given to disaster victims meets their real needs. Branson’s team is working to support the BVI and UK governments as they determine what is most needed and provide such resources.

We wish the very best to everyone affected by Hurricane Irma.

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Will you be contributing to Hurricane Irma relief efforts?

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