Teen Embraces Her Alopecia And Newly Bare Head In Beautiful Series Of Senior Photos

Life by Paige Cerulli on 11/10/2017

When most teens plan out their senior photos, they want to do something that expresses themselves as individuals. Some teens opt to pose in locations that are meaningful to them, while others incorporate bits of their hobbies into their photos. For 17-year-old Madisyn Babcock, the chance to take senior photos provided her an opportunity to both spread awareness about her illness and to reclaim the idea of being beautiful.

Babcock has previously participated in photo shoots with photographer Chelsea Taylor, but this time she was a bit nervous about being photographed. Babcock’s head was newly bald, and she was worried about how the photos would turn out.

Source: Chelsea Taylor Photography

Because Babcock usually wears scarves to cover her head, going without some kind of covering would be a new experience. So, Babcock decided that she wanted to paint her head for the photo shoot, and her mother, an artist, turned out to be the perfect person for the job.

Taylor had worked with Babcock earlier this spring, and has been with her through the process of her losing her hair. She said that Babcock has never let the hair loss affect the way that she sees herself, and Taylor believes that Babcock is stronger as a result.

Source: Chelsea Taylor Photography

Babcock decided to honor her strong connection to nature in the photos. The photos were taken outdoors, and Babcock says that her struggle with alopecia has only strengthened her connection with the natural world.

That connection is the reason why Babcock decided to have flowers painted on her head. She says she feels that she’s truly blossomed as a person.

Taylor was delighted to learn that Babcock had decided to show off her head for the session, and was thrilled to hear that she would be turning her head into a work of art.

On the morning of the shoot, Babcock’s mom drew out the design and painted it on her daughter’s head. It took hours, but the end effect was well worth the effort.

Source: Chelsea Taylor Photography

Babcock’s photos are quickly going viral, and she says that she loves the way the photos portray both her and her personality.

More info: Chelsea Taylor Photography

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Would you have been brave enough to do something like this in high school?

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