Tired Of Being Unemployed, Man Stands By The Side Of The Road With A Cardboard Sign – 20 Minutes Later, He’s Hired!

Creative by Julia Lynn Rubin on 11/13/2017

After six long months of unemployment, Nathan Campbell was frustrated. He hadn’t received a positive response to any of his job applications, and many of them had been ignored altogether.“The whole sitting in the house and going through the same stuff every day drove me up the walls and I thought I had to do something,” he told the Scottish Sun. Nathan’s passion is acting, but he knew that it would not be enough to pay the bills. In a last-ditch attempt, he wrote: “Please give me a job” on a cardboard sign, wore it around his neck, and went to stand by the side of a busy road.

An Ayrshire man has secured a job by standing at the side of the road with a cardboard sign.Nathan Campbell, who was unemployed for six months, had tried to find work by submitting CVs and application forms.

Posted by BBC Scotland on Monday, October 30, 2017

Astonishingly, it only took 20 minutes before Nathan’s unusual approach paid off. A man driving a McTaggart Civils truck honked his horn to get his attention, and when Nathan approached, he asked him about his experience.

“I told him I’d done a bit of laboring and he said he admired what I had done and he would give me a job,” Nathan said. “That was the Monday morning and by the Friday he called me and said I could have a start the next week.”

We are all familiar with the poor folks standing on the side of the road with signs asking for change – but this guy is…

Posted by GOOD News on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

John Anderson, the owner of the truck and a contracts manager, had seen Nathan’s sign and been impressed with his resourcefulness, thinking that “it showed a lot of ingenuity,” as he told The Sun. “He had some relevant skills and experience but most of all I was impressed by his willingness to work, so we gave him a chance.”

Nathan is delighted to be employed once more and plans to take his girlfriend, Alix Cowan, out on a date to celebrate his new paycheck.

“He’s very spontaneous. If he gets something in his head he’ll just go with it,” Alix said. “He has always been like this — he doesn’t care what other people think.” This little act of spontaneity landed Campbell the job for which he’s been searching for months.”

Nathan hopes that his bold and unorthodox approach will help inspire others to take a leap of faith. “Just making that one small move has made a massive difference,” he said. “I would definitely say to people to put themselves out there.”

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What do you think of Nathan’s unusual approach to finding employment?

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